Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Magician's Boy

Here's one that I picked up for the younger end of the tweensters and I think it may be just too young.

Susan Cooper has written a lovely story about a magician' apprentice who gets swept into the land of story.

Boy usually simply helps the magician with his act by doing the puppet show. The story is that familiar one about Saint George and the dragon. One day, Saint George has simply disappeared. At his cue, the boy steps around the puppet theatre and announces that the puppet is missing. The magician is very cross, and sends the boy into the story to fetch the errant Saint.

The boy finds himself in a world of fairytale and Mother Goose. Will he be able to find his way home again?

To me, even though marketed to that 8-12 age group, this title doesn't ring "tween". It's not that the story is fantasy...I welcome fantasy. It simply reads young. I think this would make an amazing read aloud to the younger set who can sit for story (1st and 2nd graders.)

4/5 for what it is 2/5 for the tween set

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