Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Clemency Pogue....

I first read Clemency Pogue Fairy Killer a few years back and I was instantly charmed. J.T. Petty's use of language and the pun is often hilarious and characters like Chafesmeeso and Clemency herself are fun to get to know.

I just read the second and the third titles, and I have to say, I am very pleased.

Clemency is first brought back into contact with her hobgoblin friend because of a dying puppy. Her dad brought home a box of boxer dogs with the charge of lopping off their tails and cutting their ears. Clemency's dad manages to take care of the tails, but cannot bring himself to clip the ears, and returns without a job, but with one of the dogs. The problem is that the dog is sick, and sick enough to make Clemency call Chafes name figuring that he could help her out.

But Chafes needs some help himself. He comes flying out of the earth, followed by a kid dressed like a hobgoblin named Kennethurchin. Kennethurchin is in training to be a hobgoblin, and he is about half way there. Chafes isn't so happy that Clem has called him, since he has the bigger fish to fry of finding Kennethurchin's changeling Inky Mess. Inky holds the key to bringing down all of make-believe. Can Clemency and her ability to control fairies help?

This title folds seamlessly into Clemency Pogue and the Scrivner Bees. Yet another adventure and specific quest for Clemency and Chafes, with Inky Mess becoming quite the capable villain.

The aspects of wordplay and magical realism that make a Clemency Pogue title a Clemency Pogue title are a winning combination. J.T. Petty simply gets funny. He walks the edge with his jokes without ever getting too gross, too much, or too groan-worth. Clemency is really likable. She's got moxie and an inner fight that will keep readers wanting more and more. Fans of Snicket, Stewart and even Miller will eat-up these fast paced and funny, fairytale adventures


Tanya said...

Thanks for the post on Clemency! I had the pleasure of listening to the audio narrated by the excellent LJ Ganser and then it dropped off my radar. I'll will definitely look for books two and three!
Cheers - Tanya at

Stacy Dillon said...

Hey Tanya. I was glad to read them back to back. #1 and #3 are definately my favourites of the bunch that I have read, but #2 is vital to the storyline.