Thursday, August 03, 2006


This book has the cutest cover ever!

Annemarie Wilcox (Shug to her friends and fam) is just about to enter junior high. She and bestfriend Mark are eating cherry popsicles just like they always do when Shug turns and looks at Mark. Really looks at Mark. Everything has changed.

He is perfect, and the moment is perfect for a first kiss.

Problem is, Mark doesn't see Shug. At least not the way she wants him to.

There is noone at home to talk to about this. Sister Celia is just too perfect. Daddy is always gone on business. And Mama...well, Mama is either drinking or in bed. Shug just has to figure it out herself.


Jenny Han has the 12 year-old voice down perfectly. The big highs and big lows. The lonliness. The fact that friends will turn on you on a dime. She blends the unfortunate reality of alcoholism, and broken families seemlessly into everyday life. Because for kids who are experiencing it...that's just what it is.

Eventhough some of the topics are heavy, I think that most tween girls can find themselves in these pages. I'd say it's for sophisticated 6th graders and up.