Saturday, June 24, 2006

Julep O'Toole: Miss Independent

Julep O'Toole: Miss Independent, by Trudi Trueit

Julep is sick of following all of her mother's rules. She's 11 years old now, and totally capable of making her own decisions. Unfortunately, her mother doesn't seem to get it. She just vetoed her cool SE T-shirt that had "Hot Girl" written on the front in sparkly letters. All the other girls at school got to wear them!

Julep wishes her mom were more like her co-best friend Bernadette's mom. Bernadette gets to wear make-up, whatever she wants, and she even has a cell phone! And if mom can't be like Bernadette's mom, at least she could be like her Aunt Ivy, who bought her the "Hot Girl" SE tee in the first place!

Aunt Ivy is the coolest. She used to be a travel photographer and she's been all over the world. Now she owns an alpaca farm called "Cloud Nine" - a place where Julep feels like she can be herself.

This is a tween girl book if there ever was one. Julep is negotiating the difficult mother/daughter time warp of needing independence and still needing some guidance. I think this is a perfect read for those 4th and 5th graders who think they are ready for Brashares, but really are not!


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