Saturday, September 09, 2006

Escape from the Carnivale

I love Dave Barry! Peter and the Starcatchers was such an amazing read, and now he and Ridely Pearson have started a Neverland series for the younger set! Yay.

Little Scallop is a princess of the Mollusk tribe, yet she is bored. Her brothers get to go off on spying missions, but she is left behind. One night Little Scallop and her mermaid friends Surf and Aqua, sneak out of their homes to go and dive for pearls in the Shark Cave so that they can have their very own pearl necklaces. Unfortunately, Surf gets caught up in a net - not any net at that, but the net of an "oddity" collecting pirate.

Will Aqua and Little Scallop be able to hatch a plan to save Surf? Afterall, Peter is off exploring, and Little Scallop's own tribe is not around.

A fun, quick read with familiar characters. This is a series that kids will eat up, and works well as a filler read for older kids who are looking for a "skinny book" to pass the time.


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