Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart

I have FINALLY been reading some more tween stuff. Hopefully with the publication of the Notables List, there will be more to come!

Have you ever wondered if fairytales are true? Ask a Trueheart, and you will hear a resounding "Yes!". You see, fairytales are more than just stories...they are adventures. In the Land of Stories, the Truehearts reign supreme with Tom's brothers Jack, Jacquot, Jackie, Jackson and Jake taking the lead role in a number of stories that have beginnings written by the Story Bureau, and endings "performed" by Tom's family.

Tom has only been able to play and practise at being an adventurer, because his training doesn't start until his 12th birthday. That day is rapidly approaching, and Tom is excited about entering into the Land of Stories himself. Just before the big day, all of his brothers receive letters from the Story Bureau, and are off on adventures. They promise to return in time for Tom's big day.

Days go by. All of the Jacks are nowhere to be found. Tom and his mother know that something is amiss...his brothers simply would not miss Tom's birthday. On this day, there is an envelope for Tom. He is scheduled for his first adventure! Eventhough he has received no training, the Bureau needs his help to locate his missing brothers.

With familiar characters, and a storybook setting, Ian Beck has penned an adventure equally appealing to girls and boys. There is action, intrigue, magic and friendship, and even readers who think they know all about these familiar stories will be surprised! Beck has left the ending wide open for a sequel. Fans of Peter and the Star Catchers, and Capt. Hook will delight in this romp!

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