Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Mother-Daughter Book Club

Emma, Jess, Megan and Cassidy are all in the 6th grade. Bookish Emma, and farmgirl Jess are friends. Emma and Megan used to be friends until Megan's dad struck it rich and she and her fam moved out to Strawberry Ridge. That's when Megan started hanging out with Becca and her girls. They are truly mean. And poor old Cassidy. What do you do when your mother's a retired supermodel, and your favourite thing is hockey?

Enter the mothers.

During yoga class one day, three of the moms decide that what they need to stay close to their tweenifying daughters is a book club. A Mother Daughter book club. The first title that they will take a year to discuss is Little Women, and they will surprise the girls with the whole thing.

But, these girls wouldn't hang out if you paid them, so how can this possibly work?

What follows is a deliciously clean (as they say these days) story about girl's friendship, family and life in a small town. The four families vary in income and structure, so most readers will find someone to identify with. Told in alternating voiced chapters, Heather Vogel Frederick has written the classic growing pains story that has wide appeal. Heck, even the moms will want to read it!


Heather Vogel Frederick said...

Stacy, many thanks for your delicious review of my book! Just thought I'd let you know that I'm currently "visiting" mother-daughter book clubs (by phone), which is a huge treat for me as an author, so feel free to let your patrons know! Full info can be found on my website (www.heathervogelfrederick.com). Cheers, Heather

Stacy Dillon said...

Thanks, Heather! Such a fun read!

Unknown said...

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