Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cicada Summer

"Some people think the cicadas bring trouble when they come to town. I don't think that's true. I think trouble finds its way without any help at all". (pg. 1)

This is a summer of trouble for Lily. Ever since everything happend with Pete, Lily has remained silent. She keeps her secrets inside. There are two big ones...what happend to Pete, and the fact that she is, indeed, fine.

And then Tinny comes to town.

Tinny is sneaky, and not in the Nancy Drew way that fuels Lily's fantasies and dreams. Tinny quickly finds out that Lily has secrets that the folks in her small town are overlooking. Lily in turns, finds out some things about Tinny, but in order to keep her own secrets she cannot tell. Can she?

Two interwoven storylines are filled with small town characters and countrified charm, and Cicada Summer is a wonderful addition to the bookshelves of fans of Deborah Wiles, Polly Horvath, and even Sharon Creech. Beaty has captured the sultry feel of summer as well as the world of children that seems so insular next to that of the adults in their lives.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I did meet Andrea Beaty at the Kidlitosphere Conference in Chicago in 2007, but rest assured, this title would not end up on my blog if I did not enjoy it!)

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