Saturday, February 07, 2009

Who are the Tweens?

A question that gets asked again and again. My husband sent me this Today Show link, and surprisingly in the media eyes Tween is attached to Twilight. And Twilight (in the movie version) is the only book related thing spoken about in the blurb. Where are the books?

Here's a question. What are the hot books your tweens are reading?


Susan said...

Is my 9 yo a tween? I think so. He's been reading Heat, From the mixed up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and The Ranger's Apprentice books, but his favorite books were the Underland Chronicles.

Mary Ann Scheuer said...

my daughter's favorite of the year: Savvy. also, currently hooked on Inkheart (movie-book club).

Unknown said...

I'm a Canadian librarian in a middle school (so the kids are grade 6,7 or 8). The hot books right now are Diary of a Wimpy Kid (all three are flying off the shelves), Graceling, Hunger Games, the Twilight series (of course), the In or Out series for the girls, the Ranger's Apprentice series for the boys, and the On the Run series by Korman for my reluctant readers.

Girlboss said...

Found your blog cited on the Heck: Where Bad Kids Go site. Are you looking for the next book in the series? I'm ordering from the publisher tomorrow.

The tweens are out there. They just don't have all the social media skills yet AND their parents are hopefully keeping them from being on the computer all day and night. I personally spoke to a kajillion of them today as they bought their latest Jeff Kinney in anticipation of his visit tomorrow. Loved Savvy. Also the idea of Movie-Book Club.

I'll keep checking your blog.


Kate Coombs said...

Thanks for sharing this clip--really interesting, especially the part where they still like their parents and think it's great to be smart. Thanks also for giving me a hint (with what you're currently reading) that there's a sequel to Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go, which I thought was a lot of fun!