Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diary of A Wimpy Kid 4: Dog Days

Greg is back and this time he has to survive summer. He has no real problem with summer since he is a self-described “indoor person”. He’s ready to spend his days with the curtains closed playing video games. Unfortunately, his mom has other ideas.

Greg has already spent part of the summer with Rowley at the country club, talking to the ladies and ordering up fruit smoothies. But he got uninvited as soon as he let Rowley’s dad know just what was wrong with the place (like the time the waiter forgot his little umbrella in his smoothie!). Now his mom is trying to convince him to come to the town pool with her and Manny. The problem with the town pool is the showers. You have to walk through them to get to the pool. And they tend to be filled with naked old guys. Greg would rather pass.

Mom’s next big idea is a reading club with all of the neighbourhood guys. When she asks them to bring books they would like to discuss, some of the titles that arrive are: SUDOKU INSANITY, ULTIMATE VIDEO GAME CHEATS, GREEN WASP, AND XTREME POP-UP SHARKS! Greg’s mom deems all of these too violent and suggests some classic titles, like Little Women, The Yearling, Old Yeller, and Anne of Green Gables! Guess how many guys make it to the second meeting?

Jeff Kinney has once again written a laugh-out-loud funny book that appeals to such a broad spectrum of readers. My adult self was laughing out loud as are the tweens that I see reading this. We all have had endless summers that include chores, car trips, and family drama. The vignette style keeps reluctant readers going and voracious ones satisfied. The illustration to text ratio is perfect, and Kinney’s illustrations are spot on as always with my favourites being of Greg in the beauty shop!

Fun, fun, fun.


JAS said...

Let me tell any Tween Mom (of Daughters) that this series is great! Both of my Tween Girls (Ages 8 and 12) love this series. My 12 year old isn't (or maybe I should use wasn't) a huge reader, but she reads these books over and over! I also put a post yesterday about this book on my Blog - More about how my girls love it than a review, but check it out.

Susan T. said...

The Reading Club sounds hilarious. My kiddo just got this one. I'll have to ask him about it!

Lahni said...

I'm thinking of buying these books to read to my son, who is 6 and a half. Do you think they are appropriate for his age?

Stasia D said...

Lahni: I don't think that the books stretch as young as 6. In fact, I think that they are a perfect middle grade read. We have kids as young as 2nd grade around here reading them, and I honestly think that they are missing a whole lot. Target 6th grade is my personal opinion.

Lahni said...