Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Eve of National Poetry Month

I have always been someone who enjoys poetry.  From the time I was young and obsessed with Dennis Lee and Shel Silverstein, to my gothy teen years with Edgar Allan Poe, into adulthood and loving found poetry, poems have always been part of my life.

Many tweens are fans of poetry and often write their own.  Here are some links to use during National Poetry Month (and beyond!) to get poetry into the hands of tweens!

Online Magnetic Poetry
Tweens can drag words over to the "magnetic" board.  They can either save their work or start over again!

Gotta Book's 30 Poets in 30 Days
Come back daily to find previously unpublished works from poets such as Calef Brown, Arthur A. Levine,  and Eileen Spinelli!
Write A Poem with Jack Prelutsky
Click through and have Jack Prelutsky guide you through the poetry process!

Write an Autobiographical Poem
Use the template to craft your own poem, all about you!

Do you have some resources, or are you doing cool poetry activities with your tweens? Let me know, and I can add to the list!

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