Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Real Life Tween Reader

"Lock" is a book-a-day-boy-reader.  He is a shining example of why the idea of boys as non-readers is in the realm of stereotype (at least in my own work place).  He keeps me on my toes, because not only does he read on average a book-a-day when he's on a roll, but he expects new and fresh recommendations each time!  He's pretty amenable to listening to suggestions, but he has a definite idea of what it is that he likes.

Do you consider yourself a reader? 
Yes, I consider myself a reader.  

What are your favorite genres to read? 
My favorite genres to read are fantasy fiction/ science fiction.

How do you select the books you want to read?  
I select my books by having people recommend them to me: parents, teachers, etc.

What is your favorite book so far?  
My favorite book of all time is probably Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

What is your favorite thing about reading?  
My favorite thing about reading is that it is an easy way to pass the time and there are always a lot of good books just waiting to be read.

Do you read on an e-reader/phone/computer?
No I do not read on an electronic device.

What kinds of books do you think are most popular with kids your age?  Why?  
I think that the most popular books with boys my age are fantasy fiction/ sci-fi. I think for girls a popular genre is Realistic fiction/ gossip fiction. Because for girls they can connect to it. And for boys we can enjoy different parts of it.

What are you currently reading?  
I am currently reading Airman by Eoin Colfer.


Unknown said...

What an awesome idea to interview an actual child/boy about his reading choices. I really like what you said about the stereotype that boys aren't readers. I was a reluctant girl reader, none of the books the girls were reading were interesting to me. Now, I have a granddaughter in the same boat. She's just not a girly-girl, if you know what I mean. Any recommendations?

Stasia D said...

Hi Pam: Kiki Strike is always good for non girlie girls. Anything by Tamora Pierce as well (if you can get her to read fantasy). If not, I'd try the non-fiction route! Find something she's interested in and head out from there!