Friday, November 18, 2011

On the Clipboard

Holy cats!  I am up to my eyeballs in reading, and have been neglecting this here blog.  All apologies!  Without further ado, here's what our tweens have been checking out this week!

The Apothecary, by Maile Meloy

Ranger's Apprentice 10: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, by John Flanagan

Mercury, by Hope Larson

The Aviary, by Kathleen O'Dell

How to Train Your Dragon, by Cressida Crowell

So, what are your tweens reading these days?


Anonymous said...

Bone is making the rounds through my book club (again, lol). He is well loved.

Have to check out Mercury. Thanks for posting!

Jill the OWL said...

I love these posts! I really want to read The Apothecary! My kids are really into the Alex Rider series right now.