Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tweendom's Top Ten of Twenty-Twelve

How's that for alliteration!

This has been a phenomenal year for books.  For picture books, middle grade and YA.  I don't envy those folks on award committees because those discussions are going to be *fierce*!  This year, I simply couldn't pare things down to 5, so here are my favorite reads of the year.  If they haven't appeared on Welcome to my Tweendom before now, they will shortly!

Splendors and Glooms, by Laura Amy Schlitz 
        This creepy Victorian story had me reading under the covers deep into the night!

Liar & Spy, by Rebecca Stead
        A NYC mystery slash family story that is incredibly authentic and thoughtful.

Drama, by Raina Telgemeier
        Pitch perfect graphic novel about crushes, theater kids and family life.

Starry River of the Sky, by Grace Lin
        Lush and magical storytelling matched with extraordinary pacing.

See You At Harry's, by Jo Knowles
        A family story that packs an emotional punch.

Three Times Lucky, by Sheila Turnage
        A countrified mystery filled with characters to love.

The Great Unexpected, by Sharon Creech
       A genre busting layers story that is simply beautiful.

One Year at Coal Harbor, by Polly Horvath
       Horvath is back with signature quirk and memorable characters.

Wonder, by R.J. Palacio
        A first novel that speaks to kids and adults will leave you thinking.

The Secret Tree, by Natalie Standiford
      A small town mystery slash friendship story complete with roller derby, mystery boys and changing relationships.


Sherry said...

Thanks for the list. Splendors and Glooms and Wonder were two of my favorites also. I added Liar and Spy to my TBR list, and I also linked to your list and took the liberty of recommending a couple of 2012 books you may have missed.

Happy New Year!

Ms. Yingling said...

Your readers must like quirky characters more than mine. Either that, or I'm slowly turning into a 12-year-old boy and favoring football books and goofy humor too much.

Stasia D said...

My readers do like the quirk, Ms. Yingling, but not as much as I do! And this is my list, not theirs. I think if I had the tweeners vote, it would be a mix that did include quirk, but also had titles like Wimpy Kid, Mother-Daughter Book Club and Ranger's Apprentice! Interestingly enough, I think out of my top reads Liar & Spy has the strongest legs with my kids!