Thursday, May 02, 2013

Real Life Tween Reader

Jax is a kid I have known since he was a mere 4 year old.  He has grown into a quintessential middle school boy.  He's usually in the mix of everything and has grown into quite the reader.  He's usually up for a recommendation or two and was very helpful to me during my Newbery year!  I've been chasing him down to fill out this survey for me for a while.  When he's not surfing, playing video games or hanging out with his friends, he does like talking books!

Do you consider yourself a reader?
Yes, I do consider myself a reader.

What are your favorite genres to read?
I like reading books with a lot of action in them, but also being funny.

How do you select the books you want to read?
I usually read the next book in the series or I ask the librarian if there is a book that has been a hit.

What is your favorite book so far?
I really liked The One and Only Ivan, but I also like the Daniel X series.

What is your favorite thing about reading?
I really like being attached to a book, and to feel like I am there.

Do you read on an ereader/iPad/phone?
I only do my reading from a book.

What kind of books do you think are the most popular with kids your age?  Why?
I think that kids my age like books that have a little bit of comedy, but are action and mystery.

What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading the third book of the Daniel X series by James Patterson.

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Colby Sharp said...

I LOVE this kid!