Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Higher Power of Lucky

So...a little slow to the boat on this one. A shame about the whole scrotum mess. What a beautiful book.
Lucky is living in Hard Pan (pop. 34) with her legal guardian Brigitte, friend Lincoln, pest Miles and a few other characters. She has one of the few paying jobs in town: sweeping up the patios after the anonymous people's meetings. The drinkers, gamblers, and smokers all leave behind different things that the members of the other groups would not likely enjoy seeing. Lucky tends to listen in on the meetings. She especially likes hearing about folks hitting rock bottom, finding their Higher Power, and getting their lives together.
Lucky wishes she could find her Higher Power too. Ever since her mother's tragic death, Lucky has felt like she was searching.
Newbery winning author Susan Patron has written a lyrical novel about that chasm between kids and adults. How easily we misunderstand each other. Nuances of language which are seemingly so obvious to grown-ups are generally misinterpreted by the younger set. With memorable characters like Lucky and Lincoln Clinton Kennedy Carter, The Higher Power of Lucky is a slice of life book that will appeal to fans of each little bird that sings and The Beloved Dearlies.

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