Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mr. Chickee's Funny Money

Steve is one of the only kids in his Flint neighbourhood who doesn't make funny of Mr. Chickee. Mr. Chickee is old and he is blind, so most kids are nice with their words, but not so nice with their faces. They all have wild stories about where Mr. Chickee came from, or his secret powers. Steve happens to like Mr. Chickee a lot, and accompanies him on his weekly shopping, which tends to end in a bottle of Vernonr's and a bag of chips! Not a bad thing.
One day, Mr. Chickee says that he is going away for a couple of months, and hands Steve an envelope saying that he will know what to do with it. Afterall, Steve is a member and CEO of the Flint Future Detectives...he can figure out anything! Imagine his surprise on opening the envelope and finding a piece of currency. A very large piece of currency. Inside the envelope is a quadrillion dollar bill with James Brown's face on it.
What follows is a wonky, riproaring adventure featuring a sarcastic dictionary, a bear sized dog, Agent Fondoo, espionage and peanut butter. Christopher Paul Curtis has written a slapstick comedy/mystery with characters to fit the most disfunctional of family reunions. Boys with a dry yet still silly sense of humour will eat this up!

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