Saturday, April 28, 2007


It's 1971 and Frannie is just living her life at school when the new boy comes along. He has long curly hair, and he is white. What's he doing on this side of the highway?

The new boy calls himself Jesus. For real.

At home, it's Frannie, mom and dad, and brother Sean. Sean is deaf and signing is a part of daily life for Frannie. Imagine her surprise when Jesus signs to her at school!

Woodson has penned a beautiful character driven story, laden with issues of difference, racism, religion, and the sorrow of miscarriage. All as seen through a middle school girl's eyes.

Poignant and lyrical, Feathers is Woodson at her best. This title has staying power...audiences will be immediately sucked into Frannie's world, and classroom connections abound. This is a story that has lodged itself into me. Always a good thing!

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