Monday, April 30, 2007

In Search of Mockingbird

Erin's mom died when Erin was just a baby, and she has been living with her dad and two brothers ever since. They simply do not get her. She retreated into books, To Kill a Mockingbird specifically. Even Erin's bestfriend Amy wants her to stop carrying it around!

When Erin's father announces he is to marry his longtime girlfriend, Erin snaps. He had to tell her the day before her birthday? To top things off, her dad gives Erin her mother's diary. Her father never even talks about her mom, and now that he's marrying someone else, he hands over this treasure?

Erin hops the Greyhound with the final destination of Monroeville, Alabama. She is in search of Harper Lee. Erin just knows that if she meets Miss Lee everything will be okay.

What Erin doesn't count on is who she will meet along the way. Fancy Sedushia, and odd Epp are two of the strangers who take Erin under their wings on her journey south.

Erin will use this journey to get to know her mother, and to get to know herself.

So, at first I wasn't sure if I was going to place this title with the Tweeners or not. I only came to Mockingbird lately, and the lead character in this homage is turning 16. But Erin is a very young 16. Karyn and I had a discussion about what having a dead parent does to you (she thinks it grows you up, and I think it kind of stunts you a bit), and I decided that this is where In Search of Mockingbird would land!

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