Monday, October 20, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday -- Contest

Well, welcome to Non-Fiction Monday! We are starting it off with a bang over here at Tweendom with a contest featuring prizes from the fine folks at DK who are celebrating the publication of the title Take Me Back. In their own words:

"History may repeat itself, but there is no need to make the same old history book over and over. From the creators of the award-winning, New York Times Bestsellers Pick Me Up and Do Not Open comes Take Me Back--a journey throughout history like never before! Rock out at a gory Aztec festival, read the blog of Louis XVI’s closest confidant, take a pinball tour of Celtic Europe, and check out Alexander the Great’s fan site. With content that's comprehensive, irreverent and witty, Take Me Back is bound to become a classic."

There is a winning prize pack containing the following 8 non-fiction titles:

Take Me Back, Do Not Open, Pick Me Up, Cosmic, Dr. Frankenstein's Human Body Book,Cool Stuff Exploded, Eyewitness Expert: Knight, Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia.

Pretty cool, yes?

But that is not all! There will also be four winners of the title Take Me Back.

So here's the deal. Leave me a comment telling about your favourite historical time period. A bonus entry will go to those folks who leave the title of a non-fiction book on the topic of history that the kids in their lives love!

This contest will be running on Mondays through November 3rd. Winners will be announced on election day!


Cassie said...

Oooooh! This is so exciting. I've totally been jonesing for several of those books.

My favorite historical period is, without a doubt, Tudor England. I think about 5 seconds of perusal in my LibraryThing account would make that obvious!

I'd have to say that the historical books that most captures kids around here is Egyptology, which, unlike the other "ology" books, is mostly factual.

They also like just about any of the "You wouldn't want to be..." series.

Jen W. said...

I love the Victorian period. They were just so darn "proper", and Queen Victoria brought us the "weekend" for more time to enjoy our families!

Librannie said...

I love the Middle Ages. I took a class in medieval lit in college and have liked it ever since. I really enjoy the King Arthur legend and most of the literature from that time.

a Nonfiction book that kids have been enjoying in my library is What's Science Ever Done for Us? This is a great and funny way to introduce a horrible subject like "Physics."

Librannie said...

I hope you got my last comment.
Another nonfiction book that my sons have really been getting into is Microcosmos. It shows things magnified a whole bunch of times and it's fun to try to guess what it is. Some of the pictures are really gross and young boys love it!

I have been thinking of doing a contest at my school library to have kids guess what something is based on the picture and some clues.
Anne Rhodes

kelly@thelibrary said...

My favorite time in history is the early U.S. history, Jamestown etc. but if I were really truthful I would have to say all U.S. history because I can't really decide which is my favorite time period.

Right now the students seem to be really enjoying the books on Arctic/Antarctic explorers like "After the Last Dog Died", "Trial by Ice: A Photobiography of Sir Ernest Shackleton".

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

This book sounds great! I've had great luck with Pick This Up here at my library.

My favorite historical time has to be victorian-Samantha was always my favorite American Girl and I wanted to live in her time period. It just seemed so romantic.

I also liked to pretend that I was Laura Ingalls Wilder everytime the power went off, so that was probably my second favorite time period.

The "You Wouldn't Want to Be..." series is a big hit here. I'm always recommending them to tweens and they love them.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Oops-I mean Pick Me Up. Goodness! Whatever the title, I really like the book!:)

SusanUpNorth said...

This is so much fun! I have recently picked up Do Not Open for my fifth grade classroom library and my kids have literally been fighting over whose turn it is to read it. I would love to get another copy along with the rest of these great titles in this prize pack. I have been trying to grow my nonfiction selections and have only been able to afford to pick up a new book every few weeks or so.

My favorite historical period is pretty recent, historically speaking. The period around the Civil Rights Movement inspires and moves me. It is close enough that even my students can see the impact of ordinary people uniting to change the norms of society and working to make changes for the greater good.

Besides Do Not Open, my fifth graders really like Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story About Brain Science by John Fleischman. We have several of the DK Eyewitness books on different topics they also enjoy as well as How Nearly Everything Was Invented.

Unknown said...

I, myself, love the Victorian times. They were so elegant. I wish I could have been around then but am fine living vicariously through books.

My daughter just got done reading "It wasn't much: Ten True Tales of Oklahoma Heroes". It is written by Jana Hausburg. Shew, you don't know what I had to go through to find that book. It was under all kinds of books on my daughters shelf. ((( Shudder ))) I hate going in that room! lol Anyway, she truly loved that book and is still talking about it. I highly recommend this book.