Thursday, February 09, 2012

Real Life T(w)een Reader

G is a kid who reads more than anyone I know.  More than folks on Newbery or Printz, more than any reviewer I have ever met.  He reads constantly.  No joke.  More than a book a day, and often.  Today he asked me for a recommendation, and I had nothing for him (notice his last answer).  Everything I have read, G has read...and more!  He is another who has rolled over into the teen zone, but he has been reading this way ever since I met him.  I've said it once, and I'll say it again...not all boys are reluctant.

Do you consider yourself a reader?
I guess so...

What are your favorite genres to read?
Anything that catches my attention.

How do you select the books you want to read?
I take a look at the spines of books and then I read the blurbs of any titles that catch my eye.  Then if I like the blurb, I read the book.

What is your favorite book so far?
Ranger's Apprentice, by John Flanagan
Drizz Do'urden books, by RA Salvatore
and various other books that I can't remember.

What is your favorite thing about reading?
You can imagine that you actually are there, and it serves as a welcome distraction from life.

Do you read on an e-reader/phone/computer?
I prefer the paper version.

What kinds of books do you think are the most popular with kids your age?  Why?
Fantasy and romance because they are between adults and kids so they like both.  They like to read what they dream about.

What are you reading?
Currently nothing, but I am trying to find something.

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Marie Drucker said...

I have one of those too. I keep a pile of new books for him or make a list. He's tricky because he'll go to two different libraries and sometimes has already read book I've set aside for him. But I so enjoy sharing books with him.