Monday, February 27, 2012

The Popularity Papers: Words of (Questionable) Wisdom

Oh Lydia and Julie, I just can't quit you!

Lydia is back home, and ready to get back of the swing of things in 6th grade in the States.  Lydia comes with a plan of course, laid out in list fashion, but after her first day back, she and Julie decide to try to implement a new plan.  Lydia shares the things that worked for her while she was in London...which includes trying to befriend some kids who don't have lots of other friends and forgetting about the popular crowd.

To help them focus their efforts on more important things, the girls put together a "trunk" (re bucket) list.  Letting popularity go, what could be on the list?   Things like starring in the school play, staying up all night, and being friends with Chuck again.  As usual, while Lydia and Julie have their hearts in the right place, their plans go awry.

What I love about this series is that the girls are growing.  Amy Ignatow doesn't simply employ a formula time and time again, the characters grow and learn from the experiences they have had in the past.  It's actually heartwarming to witness!

Fans who have enjoyed the first and second installments will eat this one up, but I can see new fans jumping on-board as Julie and Lydia grow-up bit by bit.



Ms. Yingling said...

I finally broke down and bought this one for school, but I didn't care for it. Maybe the pictures just weren't my style.

Stacy Dillon said...

Ms. Y: Really? I bet it's circing though!
Thanks for stopping by!