Saturday, June 02, 2012

Real Life T(w)een Reluctant Reader

Lately, I've been thinking about kids who choose not to read.  As librarians we know that there are many reasons why certain kids are not readers.  I have a few of them in my life, and I am probably quite annoying to them, as I tend to foist books on kids at every turn.

Nick is one of those kids.  I know him from my real life, not my school life.  I am not his teacher or librarian...simply a neighbor in the summertime.  I've pushed a few books his way over the years...books that I thought he might enjoy, based on what I know about him.  No dice.  Nick is a kid who doesn't like to read.  He was nice enough to answer some of my questions about his reading habits.

Do you consider yourself a reader?
I don't consider myself a reader.

When was the last time you read a book for fun (not for school)?
The last time I read a book for fun, was the fifth grade. 

What was that book?
It was the Harry Potter series.

What do you like to do besides reading?
I like to practice my instrument or watch TV.

If you have to read something for school, how do you get through it?  Do you read the whole thing?
If I have to read something for school, I read the whole thing only because I have to and I don't want to fail the essay on the book.

Do other people in your family like to read?
The only person in my family who likes to read is my mom.

Why do you think reading is not your thing?
I think reading is not my thing because  I have a hard time getting into the book, and I think it's easier to just watch the movie.

Maybe someday I will find something for Nick to read.  Maybe someday he will find the perfect book without my help.  Maybe he will never turn into a reader of books.  The question that I have to ask myself as an adult and a reader and a librarian, is how far to go with the suggestions.  Not all kids like to read, and maybe that's just going to have to be okay.


Sully said...

Some of the books I enjoyed reading as a tween were novelizations. If Nick prefers watching the movie, he might like those. I read them after seeing the movies. I remember reading the Star Wars novelization at summer camp and I had collection of stories based on episodes of the original Star Trek series that I loved.

sandraca said...

As a librarian, I have to remind myself that reading for pleasure isn't for everyone. I feel bad for those who don't because I know what they are missing but it is okay. When a teacher requires them to read something, i do my best to find them that one book that will hook them and is not too long. Other than that, I promote magazines and non- fiction that may be of interest and even show off our graphic novel section. I don't want them to go away thinking the library is only for "book lovers!"

Amy said...

My brother was a staunch non-reader until, in his mid-20s, he started dating an English teacher. They dated for several years, and she introduced him to books. You never know what turn life will take.

I hope that my children will all learn to read so that if they happen enjoy it they can do it for fun someday. However, I do not expect them all to enjoy reading as a hobby. Reading for fun is not for everybody, and I felt like some adults made my brother feel second rate b/c he didn't love to read when he was younger.